More than a Feeling

What do you feel when you look at a photograph? Depending on the photograph you may feel happiness or sadness, it may calm you or excite you, or it may evoke numerous memories. A simple photograph can elicit such a wide range of emotions. But does everyone feel the same when they look at the... Continue Reading →

Adding some life to those dull, grey shots

In Scotland where I live, winter days are short and the sun never rises very high above the horizon. Although that can provide wonderful opportunities for shooting dramatic shots when the low sun bursts through the skies, many days do not grant these opportunities. Too often you are greeted with dense cloud cover rendering not... Continue Reading →

Why Shoot Landscapes?

So why choose to shoot landscapes? I suppose for the same reason we climb mountains, because they're there. All around us, whether in the town or the country, intriguing and beautiful vistas abound just ready to be captured. And it doesn't have to be a dramatic shot of soaring mountains at sunset to be interesting,... Continue Reading →

Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

Welcome to the first post on my photographic blog. This post will just serve as a short introduction about myself and what I hope to write about in future posts. My name is Neil Williamson and I live in the north-east of Scotland. For many years I have been interested in photography, especially landscape photography.... Continue Reading →

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