The Shell House

The charming Shell House located in Dunnottar Woods. The locked gate teases you with views of the ornate mosaic of shells on the walls inside. A single rose is placed in the gate.

Creating the Dark Castle

Time for another post-processing tutorial. I was out at the picturesque Dunnottar Castle near Stonehaven in Scotland. Although the ruined castle looks amazing sitting stop it's rocky plinth, the weather was not so attractive. Dull grey skies and high winds which is often the norm for Scotland. However, this is a dramatic building in a... Continue Reading →

Foreground Attraction

You often hear photographers and artists talk about the composition of a piece. Merriam-Webster Dictionary has numerous different definitions for the word but the one which is relevant to us is: 'the act or process of composing; specifically : arrangement into specific proportion or relation and especially into artistic form' Thus, in photography it relates... Continue Reading →

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