Why Shoot Landscapes?

So why choose to shoot landscapes? I suppose for the same reason we climb mountains, because they’re there. All around us, whether in the town or the country, intriguing and beautiful vistas abound just ready to be captured. And it doesn’t have to be a dramatic shot of soaring mountains at sunset to be interesting, anything from a narrow street to a small stream can capture the imagination. With such a multitude of subject matter available on our doorsteps the temptation to take landscape photos is irresistible.


Pick up your camera and go

Landscape photography is also easily accessible which is why it attracts so many people. Unlike many other styles of photography which may require specific equipment and a lot of pre-planning all you need to get going with landscapes is a standard camera and then just head outside and get snapping. Of course, there is a multitude of extra equipment which can be used to aid and enhance the photographs you take, and a bit of pre-planning can also be hugely beneficial. However, you can easily capture amazing photos just from wandering around with any camera from a high-end DSLR to a mobile phone.

A snapshot taken on my phone camera whilst just out for a walk

Does that mean it’s easy?

So, because landscape photography is easily accessible and because there is a plethora of subject matter on everyone’s doorsteps does that mean it’s easy to capture interesting and beautiful photographs? My short answer to that is no. Like anything, it requires learning and practise to get good at it. That’s not to say you can’t get good photos right from the start but it’s probably a case of shooting in the dark (for want of a better phrase) and hoping for the best rather than taking a more calculated approach. Once you build up more experience and develop your knowledge in the subject it definitely becomes easier to pick out the good shots.

Walking down the landscape path?

The majority of the photographs I take are of landscapes. I initially started shooting landscapes for the reasons listed above but, having tried most other styles of photography over the years, nothing captures my interest like landscape photography. For me, I just love the outdoors. Whether rambling up a mountain or walking through a town, the surrounding environment fascinates me and trying to capture what I experience in that environment in a single photo fills me with fascination.

Anyway, enough of me rambling about myself and time to wrap up this post. I hope it has provided a brief insight into why you may, like me, want to shoot landscape photographs.

In the next post I will start to talk about what is the primary light source for most landscape photographers. The Sun.

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